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AJ Kemperiai provides camper rental and sale services. We rent high-quality, comfortable, practical and comfortable 2021-2023 campers for our customers' perfect trips. Subtle luxury and ergonomics, as well as spacious interior and functionality will ensure that your every trip is perfect. We are official dealers of La Marca and Notin campers in Lithuania. You can buy from us any camper according to you needs. Thanks to our partners, we can also deliver campers from other manufacturers!

For a Hassle-Free Travelling Choose AJ Kemperiai camper

The hassle associated with camping the traditional way can cause headaches for travelers. Lugging around camping equipment in a car, tents pitching and preparing meals outdoors… In addition, it can be hard to predict how the weather will affect your plans.
It is much more convenient to simply travel with an AJ Kemperiai camper, which will be convenient, comfortable and safe for you.

Even a day that has some rain drizzle can be idyllic when you’re curled up in a comfortable seat inside your camper with a good book and a cup of coffee. The camper allows you to cook and brew fresh coffee whenever you need it.
What’s more, a cozy sleeping compartment will always be waiting for you whenever you need to stop for a while and take a nap. You will experience joy on such a holiday, as you will travel in a small private house full of amenities, far from home.

Travelling with AJ kemperiai Are More Fun!

By using the AJ kemperiai rental service, you not only do not have to pay for expensive hotel rooms, but also give yourself the pleasure of spending a night surrounded by natural beauty. What could be better than swinging open the door of your camper and listening to crickets chirping under the moonlight? Only a camper will allow you to create a wonderful holiday story and be a part of it.

Campers Provide Flexibility

Have you ever felt trapped by your travel plans? Maybe you’ve discovered that a place you were only planning to stop at for a day was actually worth exploring for several days. However, you couldn’t change your plans because you already had a hotel room booked and waiting for you in another area. A lack of flexibility can make a person feel like a prisoner of their own vacation plans. When your hotel has wheels, you get to change your travel plans as you see fit. A camper gives you the freedom to stay extra nights in some places or cut visits to other places short.